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Real update! March 11, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

Well… what shall I update about? I’m caught up on my work for once!
yay! My boss has been driving me crazy for the last month or so, giving
me tons more work than I could do if there were 30 or 40 hours in every
day, much less the 24 there are (not to mention the whole “I’d like to
sleep and/or see my husband every once and awhile” thing). My boss’
deal is that the main guy he used to boss around and dump everything on
got fed up and finally quit, and rather than go hire someone new, he
split that guys workload between my mom (who already works 12-hour
days) and me… I guess it’s our fault for letting him. Oh well, he’s
out of the state all of this week, and out of the COUNTRY all next week
😀 Ahhh, bliss.

My step-daughter turns 2 next weekend! I wish we could see her more
often 😦 She lives in Abilene, which is about a 2:15 hr drive.. plus
gas money… plus non-existent time off. My husband has been begging
for that weekend off for a month and he still hasn’t gotten anything
more than “we’ll see what we can do.” What’s that saying about making
yourself irreplacable? Bah. I’m kidnapping him anyway if they say no.
Seeing his daughter once a month is for the birds as it is.

Harry’s at work tonight.. was supposed to be 5pm to 3am shift, but they
changed it at the last minute to 11pm to 5am… sucks. I hate going to
sleep on my own.

I bought some expensive B12 yesterday… I hope it’ll do me some good.
I could definitely use more energy, especially when Harry’s working
nights and I don’t sleep very well.

…And I stopped writing like an hour ago and didn’t post it. G’night!



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