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April 8, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

oh my gosh… tear free soap! diapers! kid-friendly food! uhh… babysitter! aaaiiiieee we are so not ready for this.

yeah, i said goodnight, but i couldnt sleep.. too excited.. 5 days is so far away šŸ˜¦ but it is so not enough time to prepare! cleaning.. dishes.. vacuuming… childproofing… sleeping arrangements… we’ve gotta figure out food to buy… gotta buy more stuff than i even know about probably. oy oy oy!

but i’m still extremely excited.. i can’t wait for my mom to meet olivia finally… i want to take her to the duck pond.. and the children’s museum… i so hope she’s ok staying with us… she’s only been with us a couple days at a time so far… 3 once, and not constantly. there were always other family members (harrys or her moms) and lots of things going on…. *chews nails down to tiny stubs*

ohhh, must remember to breathe. ive still got 5 days for all of this… of course silly me, not thinking when we scheduled this, the day we go meet her mom half-way to pick her up is the day we’ve got a vet’s appointment, and the day we usually go grocery shopping, and the day harry usually works late… we’re so smart, aren’t we? and my boss has at least one paper deadline next week while she’s here. ill have to take her and lock her in the conference room with some toys or something if we cant find a babysitter we can afford, lol. no lol.. *sob*

ay, she’s not even here yet and i’m already planning her NEXT visit, haha. telling my cousin in hobbs that the next time we have her (in june or july probably) it will probably be a full week or more and we’ll come visit.

i so need to sleep. for like 18 hours. make up for all the panicked/excited sleepless nights this week since we found out we were going to have olivia, and the panicked/excited sleepless nights between now and when she gets here… harry works midnight to 7a tomorrow night, much of which will probably be spent by me cleaning furiously.. i hate sleeping when he’s not here, and i tend to get into cleaning moods when he works nights. probably because a) he’s not in my way šŸ˜› and b) it wears me out so i get some sleep anyway.

i hear harry stirring.. he’s probably getting up to see where i am ;(

someone else needs to be online for me to talk to!!!



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