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chocolate pudding for everyone! April 8, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

everyone gets free chocolate pudding today! providing you have your own transportation to my apartment, and you get here before my husband the vacuum slurps up the last of it….

it’s homemade, btw 😉

yay! i’m in a better mood than i was last entry. someone heard my complaints and took pity on me.. or thought it would be fun to see me squirm, one of the two. the day after i wrote that, olivia’s mom called and asked us if we’d take her for most of next week. SURE! wait.. what did we just get ourselves into?

but it will be ok. i’ll just keep telling myself this, through the panicked cleaning spree and toddler-proofing we’ll be doing from sunday to wednesday (we’re gonna keep her from wednesday until sunday i think). if anyone happens to have an e-book entitled “care and feeding of a 2 year old” lying around somewhere, feel free to forward it on to me 🙂

me: doh.. harry says “both cats are in the kitchen.. did we forget to feed them? “
me: i promise we wont forget to feed livi D;
livi’s mom: hahaahahhha
me: but.. does she come with instructions, by chance? 🙂
livi’s mom: not at all. i have checked her all over not even a tag, so i figure when shes dirty i just throw her in the washer on gentle small load with some tear free soap
livi’s mom: works so far 😉

rofl.. i’m screwed




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