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Update, shmupdate. July 11, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

Someone just asked me about my journal… I think it was a trick to keep me awake for another eon. Oh well.. I guess I’ll humor him and anyone else who hasn’t forgotten about me.

As to the subject of the last couple of entries before I slacked off…

a) the kitties are still doing very well.

b) Olivia’s first visit went much more smoothly than I’d expected. There have been two more since, and we’ll probably have her again this coming weekend. It doesn’t strike fear into me to say that anymore 🙂 lol.. it just means I have to clean a little more rigorously than I do when she’s not around, because the apartment doesn’t stand much of a fighting chance of staying clean while she’s here even when it starts out pristine. But the better off I get it ahead of time, the less work there’ll be while she’s here. (Imagine waking up about an hour after the toddler does, and finding that she discovered your husband’s candy stash. Which was next to his computer. The scene- 8am, very sticky 2-year-old sitting in Harry’s computer chair, with chocolate smudges eeeverywhere. We didn’t make the mistake of leaving the candy stash out again.)

Aaand… absolutely nothing else is going on in my life to talk about in depth. Harry got a raise a month ago… oh, but the idiots lost the paperwork, so it’ll be another month before we actually see the raise. My boss was out of the country, and then out of the state for most of last month… sheer bliss, I tell you. Unfortunately, he’s here for most of this month. *sigh*

Yep. I’ve run out of things to talk about. Well… there’s the PS2 we got from Harry’s boss. She got mad at her kid and took it away from him, and sold it to us for $65, lol. But we only have like 2 games for it 😦 I want Monopoly Party and Hot Shots Golf Fore… if only games weren’t so expensive.

OK, I need to go do something productive. Maybe I’ll put up the laundry and pick at least one corner of a room to straighten up… it’ll be easier if I do part of a room per day, maybe.

Oh.. I’ll probably take part or all of Friday off since we don’t really have anyone to watch Livi. So anyone who wants to meet the munchkin, give me a call, we’ll be around. (who am i talking to, the whopping two of you that read my journal?)



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