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Random update October 2, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

I have a headache that refuses to go away…

Hmm, it’s been awhile. July? I haven’t gotten any pics off the camera
since then, so nothing new to look at… I’ll probably dump it after
the Airsho tomorrow.

We’ve been having Olivia down every 2-4 weeks depending on everyones
schedules.. it’s getting easier all the time to get into a routine when
she’s here.

…and my computer is making a strange higher-than-normal-pitched beeping sound šŸ˜

*shrugs* Anyway.. There’s lots of new stuff that happened in the last couple of months šŸ˜‰

We got new cell phones – FINALLY! Sanyo MM 8300’s –

Harry’s is the red one; mine is blue, of course. šŸ˜‰ They work like a
dream – I don’t think either of us has had a dropped call since we got
them (first of September). They have camera & video built in.. the
quality isn’t too spectacular there, but it’s still fun to play with. I
haven’t set up our “Sprint Vision” service yet so we can’t upload pics
from the phone to the web/email yet… soon tho.

OK, are you ready for the biggest news?


He’s finally a shift manager! And making like $2/hr more šŸ˜‰ And he
still gets paid overtime, which is super nice right now since he’s
working CRAZY hours (like, 12-14 hour overnight shifts 6 days/wk). I
never see him anymore šŸ˜¦ Well, I’m seeing him more than I was, because
my digitizing job is winding down and they’re working on a getting a
new project or two started so I don’t have much to do right now and I’m
at home alot. But he’s asleep most of the day… oh well, either his
schedule will calm down or I’ll adjust to it just like I’ve adjusted to
every other schedule he’s had.

I can’t believe it’s October already :S It freaked me out when I went
into Sam’s club like 6 weeks ago and they had Halloween AND Christmas
stuff out! Thanksgiving is around the corner… Whataburger wasn’t
letting anyone off for Thanksgiving last year, I bet Harry will have to
work it again this year too ;( So it may be December before we get to
go visit his family again…

Lol at a friend who’s becoming infatuated with a new girl šŸ˜‰

Aah.. excedrin is good.

Random, random, random….

(an hour later) oh yeah… I forgot I was updating šŸ™‚ Excedrin kicked
in and I went to feed the cats and ended up washing the dishes while I
was there. Yay for drugs! If only they made me feel like straightening
up the rest of the toddler-tornado.



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