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Guess what we have?? October 12, 2005

Posted by clumsyraine in Imported from LJ.

An adorable (ADORABLE!) fuzzy little female kitten. Harry heard her in
his drive thru.. called me and I went and picked her up. She looks much
like Stitch:

except she’s a fluffy, lighter tabby, with kind of a caramel color
marbled into the tabby-ness, and a little white here and there,
especially on her paws. She’s gorgeous; her eyes are clean and clear,
she’s energetic and playful but very gentle with her claws… she
almost has to have been someone’s pet. And if we don’t find that
person, she’ll make a great pet for someone else. Very adoptable. If we
can turn loose of her 🙂 I’ve been calling her Caramel (pronounced
Car-mel, not Care-uh-mel, cuz I’m a hick I guess:P) but Harry’s calling
her Lilo. But she’s super super friendly and lovable, and she stays
mostly glued to me when I bring her out here. And she purrs constantly!

I’ve gotten some great pics of her, I need to upload them tomorrow so I
can post on some local message boards and see if anyone wants her. I’ll
post them here too. We were originally going to take her to the SPCA in
the morning but I’ll take any excuse to hold on to the munchkin for a
few more days:) Harry made the point that we could afford to keep her
now that his raise has kicked in… but I dunno if that’s fair to our
other babies 😦

Plus, I imagine we’re going to be doing this again before too long…
one of the apartment strays (another very friendly kitty) had kittens
recently… I haven’t seen them yet, but I think it was one of hers we
found last October (before we’d seen her) that we took in because it
was so cold out. We found that baby a good home with one of Harry’s

You can guess that Stitch and Ashes aren’t too fond of the poor baby..
but she’s holding her own. The one last year was only a couple of weeks
old, and Stitch (surprisingly) was the one to eventually befriend that
baby before we found her a home. He was so funny hissing back at Ashes
when Ashes would hiss at the baby. But this kitty is probably a good
6-8 weeks old. She’s eating solids well, jumping and climbing with
ease. And she has no qualms about hissing first at my guys heheh. Gotta
give Stitch & Ashes some extra attention after I put her back in
the bathroom (I’ve got her bedded down in the bathtub) so they won’t
completely hate me.

Hmm… my tongue hurts ;( that usually happens when I’m coming down with some throat disease… *takes B12 and drinks OJ*

I’ll be back in a moment with some stitch/ashes/olivia/airsho pics like I promised last time



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