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Violence. With pie. November 6, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in Comic relief, NaBloPoMo.

So I decided to tell a story tonight, but I couldn’t decide which one to tell. The story of meeting my husband? Or maybe how we pulled off a wedding in 6 weeks? Or how ’bout the time I, along with a group of great friends in college, incited our teachers to violence. With pie.

Aha! That’s the one!

Being a Digital Imaging & Design student, I was only too thrilled to be a part of our campus’ first graphic design club. We called it the C.I.A. – Computer Imaging Association, and used a hand drawn little ‘Informant’ guy for our logo. (Dang, I was totally going to upload a picture of him, but I can’t find one. I will do that eventually.) To get the students of the Digital Imaging program acquainted with the club, we threw a party – a mixer, if you will.

There was free pizza, tournaments of mini-pool, darts, and playstation; all good social activities. But the highlight of the evening was to be what you might call the Floorshow. When you entered the party room, there was a place to enter your name into the doorprize drawing, and also a Mystery Drawing. When your name was drawn from the Mystery bucket, you got to participate in the floorshow – we’ll call it Bobbing for Gumdrops, in a tin pie plate full of whipped cream with your hands behind your back. Whoever came up with a gumdrop first won some or other prize, I can’t recall.

Great, messy fun indeed. But that’s not the best part of the Floorshow. All of our instructors from the Digital Imaging program were in attendance to support the club, and they got their very own Floorshow game. This was a special game, you see. This was a Gumdrop-less game. But? No one knew that except the few club members putting the game together. The intended outcome, of course, was for our wonderfully good-humored and well-respected teachers to just keep thrashing about in the whipped cream looking for the nonexistant prize, and get as messy as could be.

What we didn’t know was that someone had an Ace up his sleeve… and also, just how far could we take the definition of “messy?”

(oh awesome! I figured out the YouTube embedding! And, our CIA Informant guy makes an appearance in the video. Score! 🙂 )



1. kismet - November 7, 2006

Awesome. How long ago were you in college?

By the way, thanks for playing along over at my place. Feel free to use the idea later if you want/need 🙂


2. clumsyraine - November 7, 2006

I graduated in Aug. ’03! This party was in the Fall of 02.

3. Jenna - November 7, 2006

Great Video Jen!

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