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Husband who? November 7, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in NaBloPoMo, Work.

First off, let me say I’m absolutely posting my own version of Kerflop’s $10 Million Dollar Spending Spree, but not tonight. I want to let Harry get in on this one.

That’s the only catch. It may be a few days before I see him enough to pick his brain on our imaginary shopping spree. My loving, overworked husband just volunteered to add 2 hours a day to his 12 hour shift, 4 days a week. Starting tomorrow, I’ll take him to work at 5am, and not pick him up until 7pm, Monday-Thursday, for an unspecified length of time.

This sucks.

Yes, we need the money. Yes, his work needs someone to help them catch up/keep on top because they are so overwhelmed with orders right now. But yes, I’d like to see my husband a little more than that.

As our routine runs right now, I pick him up from work after he gets off at 5… if I’ve been working from home that day, I can pick him up on time; if I’ve been in the office that afternoon, we’re at my boss’ mercy to let me go. I’ve been as late as 5:45 picking him up (only once), and Harry is spitting nails if I’m even close to that late. Not at me, just at the situation, since he has precious little spare time in the evenings as it is.

My husband loves him some PS2, let me tell you, and it’s usually his first stop when he gets home. (Right after he checks his MySpace, of course. Addict.) Which is fine with me; if there’s anything I’d like to watch on TV, it usually doesn’t come on until later, so he gets his TV time out of the way before he’s in my way, and it’s all good. Then we discuss what’s for supper, which more often than not is “fend for yourself,” what with his decidedly 100% carnivore status vs. my 0% carnivore status. We eat, and then he’s ready to shower and crawl into bed, anytime between 8-10pm. (If you knew my vampirish, night-owlish, “expose me to sunlight and I’ll MELT!”ish husband, you would laugh like I do at the sacrilege that is him going to bed with the sun and getting up before it.)

So anyway… Now, 4 days a week he’ll be only getting home a smidge before he’s been heading to bed. No, this doesn’t mean he’ll lose out on alot of game time, not at first. For the first week or two, he’ll play his games anyway out of rebellion and sacrifice sleep. Which will make him tired, and grumpy, and just not too much fun to be around. But eventually, the exhaustion will win, and he’ll start just eating and going to bed, and missing out on both game time and wife time, again making him grumpy.

Let’s just hope this is on the shorter side of temporary.

(If you couldn’t tell, this was just another one of those “It’s 11:45pm and I haven’t written anything yet today!” posts. And yes, I keep cutting these way too close.)



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