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Ten million reasons to get a new computer November 9, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in NaBloPoMo, Shootin' the breeze.

Tonight I got to sit down with my husband so we could talk about our $10 Million wishlist. It really is fun to dream sometimes…

First, the practical:
Tithe – set aside a good million minimum to find the best causes to use it on.
Debt – pay off the credit cards, uncle sam, student loans, all that jazz.
Insurance – all varieties, very much needed around here.
College funds – for all future kidlets.

My car – I’m liking my car (Chevy Cavalier), I’ve only had it a year. I’d just want to pay it off, get the helicopter-sounding A/C fixed, new tires, and probably let Harry play with it like he keeps asking to (spoiler, spinners, glowy lights underneath, etc).
Harry’s car – right now he doesn’t have one. He’d kill for a Nissan Blackbird Skyline though.

Our house – Um, first, get one 🙂 Have one built, specifically. I want a Smart House, you know the ones, all electronically integrated. Your cell phone can call your oven and start dinner, use your laptop to turn on the heater before you come home, too sweet. The kitchen has to be ginormous, with a walk-in pantry almost as big. Must have a big chest freezer; Harry will probably insist on stainless steel appliances; I’ll probably insist on a dark wood cabinetry. We’ll have to have a multimedia room, for Harry’s entertainment systems (more on that later). Library is a given, bookshelves along the walls, floor to ceiling. The yard needs a pond, with fish (although I would love for there to be a giant aquarium inside, maybe in the library), a pool, hot tub, big play structure thing for the kids. OK, enough on that…

Family in general:
We’ll make sure all of our parents and grandparents are taken care of – housing, vehicles, medical, whatever they need.

Fun stuff! (Harry’s list):
Playstation 3 (and every game ever made).

Game chair.

Wall sized TV – yes, he means an entire wall as a TV.
Tons of music, dvds, and new clothes.

Fun stuff! (Jen’s list)
New computer!!! – Mine hasn’t been upgraded since 2001, though I had new cutting edge stuff then, so I’m only now starting to feel outdated.

Ipod! – I’m so behind, I know.
Digital camera/video camera. – Along with a Flickr Pro account. Drool.
The Sims 2! –
Be still my heart 😀

The entire Adobe software collection –
(Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, things they haven’t even come out with yet. I’m there.)
ons of music, dvds, and new clothes.

Fun stuff! (everything else)
Cat condo –
Hey, our cats are our babies for now, they deserve to live in style!! 😉

Gym memberships – maybe this doesn’t sound fun, but we can make it fun! 🙂 (Or, I just back up and add a whole gym to our new home… hmm.)

Can we have our own plane to take us back and forth to my step-daughter/in-laws town? I think so.



1. Jenna - November 10, 2006

Aren’t “wish lists” the best. Everytime Dh and I drive somewhere and pass a huge home, with tons of land, ponds, horses, etc. We always wish it was ours. hmm, if only!

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