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ESP November 19, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in NaBloPoMo, Shootin' the breeze, step-munchkin.

When I decided to post about the skunk for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, I thought about digging him out and staging something really cute, with the step-kid and/or the cats, and/or the hubs, or just with the skunk itself. But laziness won (not to mention the trillion things we were running around doing at the end of last week preparing for keeping Olivia for all of Thanksgiving week, and since picking her up yesterday morning), and I just pulled up the best picture I had of the skunk; it was from the first place we lived, an old rundown trailer house.

The only thing it had going for it was that it was easily 200-300 sq feet larger than the apt. we have now. But, you know, I think the trade off for losing the scorpions, the holes in the floor from the 400 lb man that lived there before us, and keeping warm in the winter by using my hair dryer as our sole source of heat, was worth it. But it means we have alot of stuff still in boxes that we just plain don’t have room to unpack (even though we’ve been here for 2 years). The skunk was a victim of this; he hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved.

Apparently, this morning Olivia was climbing around the corner of our bedroom where most of these boxes are stacked, and she caught a glimpse of the skunk. She came to me and said, “Can I play with your teddy bear?”

That question isn’t unusual around here, but it also is about as generic as they come. We have a pretty good sized menagerie, a good bit of which is out of her reach (stuffed animals with sentimental value – from our childhood, or courtship). “Which one?”

“The red one,” she says. “Where is it?” “In that box!” she says with a flourish.

Now I know what she’s talking about! “Oh! That’s not a teddy bear, it’s a skunk!” Her eyes get wide, “a skunk? Can I play with it?”

“Um…. it’s bigger than you are, kiddo…”

“Can I please play with your big red skunk, please?” How can I resist? She’s helping me with a photo op.

As I get into the box, I see the cats have been here – there are shredded cardboard bits from the sides and top of the box stuck to the skunk’s fur. I pull him out, and as I’m picking pieces of paper off of him meerkat-style, I ask her if she knows what Valentine’s Day is (“Yes! It’s for giving presents to my mommy and my grandma and my aunt and my teacher!”) I tell her about how I gave it to her Daddy because I love him so very much. She’s grinning and hopping with excitement.

She spots the heart on his tail and asks what it says, and then without waiting for an answer she tells me, “it says ‘Love Skunk.'” I stifle a giggle and tell her it actually says “You’re Sweet.” She nods like that was obvious – “Yep. ‘You’re a sweet Love Skunk.'”

Finally, the thing is confetti free and I hand it over. She goes running um, lumbering from the room with it yelling “Daddy! I have your skunk!!” He didn’t know what we were up to, so that was a nicely surprising sight for him to see.







1. jennahooker - November 20, 2006

Aww too cute!! I bet your having a blast with her down.

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