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Once upon a time… November 21, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in NaBloPoMo, Shootin' the breeze, step-munchkin.

…there was a fair maiden who became afflicted with a dreaded affliction. This afflcition fell upon the fair maiden anytime she failed in her mission to avoid infectious contact with the wee princess in her charge.

Following a long stretch wherein the maiden avoided the affliction, she grew careless in her efforts at preventing it from taking hold, and soon found herself inadvertently drinking from the wee one’s water cup. And so it began…

The fair maiden found herself the next day with an inexplicably persistent headache. It was unresponsive to medications for such things, and she pondered the origins of the little beast.

Upon awakening the following morning, the veil of confusion was lifted. Yea, with her throat a great deal swollen, and her nose as if a field of cotton had blossomed within overnight, things became quite clear.

The dreaded Daycare Plague was indeed upon her! Woeful was the fair maiden; she’d been down this path before. As long as she avoided eating or drinking after the wee princess, she could be fairly safe, but in sharing a drink with the wee one, she had brought the plight upon herself. Her only course of action was to ply herself with Zicam (the new nectar of the gods) and wish for an early death.

Or, an early bedtime. Which was won by bribing the wee angel with a bedtime movie.

(At least, the maiden hopes the wee coughing monkey will be asleep by the time the movie is over.)

(Seriously, parents – do you eventually become immune to all the bugs they bring home from daycare?!)



1. jennahooker - November 22, 2006

Ha Ha! Cute story- sorry you got sick from the wee one. Hope you feel better in time for turkey day!

2. Pastormac's Ann - November 22, 2006

Well written (very cute) but no fun. Sorry you’re sick. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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