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I need a muse. November 27, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in Food, NaBloPoMo, Shootin' the breeze.

I really don’t feel like writing. Which makes me wonder, what will keep me posting once November is over?

When Harry went back to work on Friday, I sent a large pan of leftover cookies and brownies and some of my mom’s fudge with him. The pumpkin cookies went lickety-split, and he got several recommendations that we sell them in the coming weeks. So, even though it sounds like lunacy to me, I guess we’re selling pumpkin cookies.

To me, that meant making up a batch or two, packing them up by the half-dozens, and sending him off to work with them. But he’s wanting to take it so far as getting pre-orders, and being much more organized about it. And then somehow, the pumpkin cookies multiplied and we’re also selling my personal favorite, blonde brownies, along with an old recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies that I ate tirelessly in college, but haven’t actually made since I graduated.

I hope we’re not getting in over our heads.



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