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Fin! (Thursday Thirteen #2) November 30, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in Memes, Thursday 13.

Thirteen habits/obsessions I developed
during NaBloPoMo

13. Checking my SiteMeter daily hourly.

12. Checking my email/Dashboard for
comments hourly.

11. Waiting until the eleventh hour (literally!)
to post.

10. Surfing the NaBloPoMo Randomizer.

9. Bookmarking morenew reads” than I could
ever actually come back to (see #10).

8. Saying, “take a picture of ___ so I can blog about
it!” to my husband (though he rarely complied).

7. Trying to get people to visit my blog (hi

6. Trying to get people to start a blog (hi Jenna!).

5. Starting and drafting and deleting a ridiculous
number of posts.

4. Looking for worthwhile memes to fall back on (but
using very few!)

3. Answering a shocking number of questions with,
“Um, yeah, but I have to blog first.”
2. Checking the NaBloPoMo page for new prizes.

And finally…

1. Thinking about next year’s NaBloPoMo!

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1. Laughing Muse - December 1, 2006

LOL!!! Yes, had I just completed this I might be leery of starting Holidailies.

I participated in the third annual NaNoWriMo. While I decided never to try that again, I did write some amusing bits. I plan to publish them as part of Holidailies. Maybe someone will pick up the ball and run with it.

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