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Blog Through Baking, first screwup December 6, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in Food.

When you measure out all your ingredients into nice little bowls the night before to save yourself time in the morning?

It helps if you um, use them.

I just pulled the first pans of the second batch of pumpkin cookies out of the oven (the first batch came out brilliantly), and they didn’t seem to be baking properly. The others took about 11.5-12 minutes. These I gave nearly 18 minutes and they were still wet in the middle and not browning. I noticed when I started spooning them onto the pan that the dough seemed wetter as well. What’s the deal?

I taste one, and it tastes…. floury? Well, that doesn’t make sense. It tastes like it has too much flour, but if I had miscounted my 5 cups of flour and, say, used 6, the dough would be drier, not wetter.


Finally I notice my many pre-measured bowls from last night sitting on the bar, and it dawns on me.

I didn’t put the baking soda/powder/salt/cinnamon/nutmeg mixture in them.

Anybody want 7 dozen really plain, flat, floury pumpkin cookies?



1. jennahooker - December 6, 2006

Yummy! this is what happens when you try to be organized. Ha, feed them to the cats

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