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Blog Through Baking, preface December 6, 2006

Posted by clumsyraine in Food.

Wow, it was nice to not look at this thing for a few days post NaBloPoMo!

I found myself wondering, whatever shall I do with my time now?! But, I found things to occupy me – catching up on my non-Blo blogs that I had neglected, message board friend, and um, that job type thing that likes to compensate me for paying attention to it.


If you’ll remember my horror the other day regarding our baking endeavor, you know what the title of this entry is about. (Hey, some bloggers Blog Through Birth, and I don’t have anything that pressing going on, so I’m working with what I have.) I decided to blog this insanity to keep myself in the habit of posting. Above, you can see all the goodies assembled neatly.

We have orders for 13 dozen Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, 13 dozen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and 17 dozen Blonde Brownies. My mom made the first 10 or so dozen brownies for me tonight to get me started (thanks Mom!:D) but tomorrow, I’m on my own.

I measured out the ingredients for the batches of brownies my mom cooked to make life easier for her:


And the cats had to be held at bay (which left too much time for Harry to, erm, powder their noses):



Hmmm… I was going to measure out ingredients for a few batches to get started with in the morning, but I think I should just hit the hay. Stay tuned for whatever exciting happenings there are tomorrow!

(Ooh… this is the first post I’ve written in a month that didn’t need to be placed in the NaBloPoMo category.. it feels strange not to check that box, like a part of me is missing!)



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