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It’s been awhile… July 1, 2010

Posted by clumsyraine in Family, Shootin' the breeze.

I am going to try to get back in the habit of blogging… I think I will want a place to keep up with everything as we get into our new life as full time parents. That would be very, very soon.

So… to get reacquainted:

We’re pregnant!! Baby boy is due at the end of August. No, he doesn’t have a name yet. Nothing feels right… I keep asking him what his name is, but he isn’t sharing. I have around 8 weeks left… I feel pretty good physically. I am really enjoying this experience. 🙂 My only complaint is the swelling – my feet don’t fit in my nice roomy sandals anymore. (Someone at the clinic called them “cuuute!”) Oh, and my right hand has gotten all carpal-tunnel-y (swollen, numb/tingly, likes to drop things). Both are annoying, but perfectly normal for this stage. Much more concerning is all the stuff we haven’t yet accomplished as far as getting the house ready. Must. get. moving. Soon.

Olivia is 7 and thrilled to have a baby brother coming. She’ll be in the second grade in the fall. We still love her to death. She stays busy practicing her reading and writing, and drawings lots and lots of pictures for everyone she’s ever met.

Harry’s cooking at Whataburger again. Night shift sucks, but at least he has work. I’m still working for the same oil & gas company, praying for some prarie chickens (sage grouse?) to get out of the way in Wyoming so we can have our leases and start drilling already. We’re back in my mom’s house, which isn’t too stressful for anyone most of the time. We’ve still got 3 cats, just not the same 3 as when I was writing before. Stitch disappeared a few summers ago. We still have Ashes (7) and Kiko(5), and they have a new little (ha) brother named Harley(3). He weighs more than the girls do put together.

Aaand… that’s basically where we all stand. Pretty boring, I know.

I feel like I should add a warning label before I finish up… So, fair warning: if you hang around you will likely encounter thoughts and discussions about natural child birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, and so forth… I am a crunchy mama in the making. And very excited about it!



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