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Fin! (Thursday Thirteen #2) November 30, 2006

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Thirteen habits/obsessions I developed
during NaBloPoMo

13. Checking my SiteMeter daily hourly.

12. Checking my email/Dashboard for
comments hourly.

11. Waiting until the eleventh hour (literally!)
to post.

10. Surfing the NaBloPoMo Randomizer.

9. Bookmarking morenew reads” than I could
ever actually come back to (see #10).

8. Saying, “take a picture of ___ so I can blog about
it!” to my husband (though he rarely complied).

7. Trying to get people to visit my blog (hi

6. Trying to get people to start a blog (hi Jenna!).

5. Starting and drafting and deleting a ridiculous
number of posts.

4. Looking for worthwhile memes to fall back on (but
using very few!)

3. Answering a shocking number of questions with,
“Um, yeah, but I have to blog first.”
2. Checking the NaBloPoMo page for new prizes.

And finally…

1. Thinking about next year’s NaBloPoMo!

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Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Time November 25, 2006

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I almost skipped this Hunt – I just kept drawing a blank. But the best ideas come when you stop looking, right?

I was goofing around on the computer, Harry and Olivia were watching Veggietales. I heard Harry quietly say I needed to come look at them. Seeing her laying with him nearly brought tears to my eyes, and I instantly had my “Time” portrait.

Without expounding upon the history too much, I’ll try to explain. Harry didn’t know Olivia existed until she was nearly a year old. We were newlyweds, still sorting out newlywed things like finances, and newly graduated things like jobs. With these and the new stresses of child support and custody proceedings, along with living 150 miles away from Olivia and her mom, we only saw her about 5 times during her second year.

Olivia’s mom and I look a bit alike, so she took up with me pretty well. But Harry had alot of discouraging moments because she just didn’t know what to do with him. Her primary caregivers – her mom, grandmother, aunts and great aunts – were all female, so she really wasn’t sure about this foreign creature that kept coming around. There was lots of screaming and crying and frustration for a good long while.


She’ll be 4 next March. It’s taken alot of persistence and even more patience, but we’ve been rewarded with less and less frequent reminders of where we started. We’ll never forget; but every successful moment we can capture puts it a little farther behind us.

Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Plush November 18, 2006

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 I surprised my husband with this giant skunk on our first Valentine’s day together. My Computer Imaging club was selling and hand delivering carnations, so I gave it to a couple of friends in the club and had them deliver it at lunch. Luckily, I have a husband who was not offended or embarrassed in the least by receiving a 4 foot skunk in public 😉