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NoBloShoeMo, my only contribution November 26, 2006

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I thought NoBloShoeMo would be a fun way to help pass the time with NaBloPoMo when Chris announced it, but then I remembered that I wear the same shoes every day and decided I didn’t want to publicize the fact that I really am that boring.

But, I knew I couldn’t skip submitting this picture when I took it yesterday.



Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Time November 25, 2006

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I almost skipped this Hunt – I just kept drawing a blank. But the best ideas come when you stop looking, right?

I was goofing around on the computer, Harry and Olivia were watching Veggietales. I heard Harry quietly say I needed to come look at them. Seeing her laying with him nearly brought tears to my eyes, and I instantly had my “Time” portrait.

Without expounding upon the history too much, I’ll try to explain. Harry didn’t know Olivia existed until she was nearly a year old. We were newlyweds, still sorting out newlywed things like finances, and newly graduated things like jobs. With these and the new stresses of child support and custody proceedings, along with living 150 miles away from Olivia and her mom, we only saw her about 5 times during her second year.

Olivia’s mom and I look a bit alike, so she took up with me pretty well. But Harry had alot of discouraging moments because she just didn’t know what to do with him. Her primary caregivers – her mom, grandmother, aunts and great aunts – were all female, so she really wasn’t sure about this foreign creature that kept coming around. There was lots of screaming and crying and frustration for a good long while.


She’ll be 4 next March. It’s taken alot of persistence and even more patience, but we’ve been rewarded with less and less frequent reminders of where we started. We’ll never forget; but every successful moment we can capture puts it a little farther behind us.

Whoa nellie November 24, 2006

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I didn’t get to NBPM day 24 just to screw it all up! But I just headed to bed and nearly completely blew it. So I came back for a short and sweet story about compromise. (We take Olivia home Sunday afternoon, so I’ll have to start thinking up my own ideas again… drat!)

We drove out to Hobbs to visit my cousin Lynn today (my mom, Olivia & me). While we were there, Livi spotted Lynn’s candy stash and asked if she could have some. We told her she could pick one piece after lunch.

We all got in my mom’s truck later on and headed to Western Sizzlin’ for lunch, and of course, the sweets were at the forefront of Olivia’s thoughts.

“We’re going to eat lunch,  and then I can have some candy?” she asked.

“Yes, you can pick a piece of candy after lunch, but you have to eat a really good lunch, ok?”

“OK. But DON’T put any green beans on my plate, OK?”

Some raisins are not for eating November 22, 2006

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A day or two ago, I left Olivia in the bathtub longer than I normally do because I was straightening up the bathroom and the sink area just outside the bathroom door while Harry was straightening up the closet and changing the cat boxes, and it was nice to have her safely out of the way. (I was only like 3 feet away from her, of course; we have a really small apartment.) She was quite pruny when she got out, but figuring she wouldn’t be as likely to know what a prune was, when I saw her examining her wrinkly fingers I told her they looked like raisins.

She cocked her head slightly, then slowly stuck her index finger in her mouth and sucked on it a little.

“It doesn’t taste like a raisin?” she said quizzically.

I was too busy quieting the huge snort that almost escaped to remember the rest of that conversation.


When I had pulled the fourth or so pan of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (Go now! Make them! They are awesome!) from the oven, and reminded Olivia for the four hundredth or so time do. not. touch. It. Is. HOT., she reached up and jabbed a finger at the cookie sheet.

In the few seconds it took for her to register the pain through the shock, I had already spun around and grabbed a medicine cup from the drainer, and poured some ice cold water from the bottle I had on the counter into it, and stuck her finger in it.

(Is that anywhere near the right thing to do? I know cold water is what I want when I burn myself… which is fairly often because I’m a clutz in the kitchen… but really, I have no clue…).

While she quieted the sobs that had started to build, I hugged her for a minute and explained that the cool water would help keep it from hurting. Once she was still sniffling but reasonably calm, I went back to spooning cookies onto the next pan. She was standing on her step-stool next to me, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as she would pull her finger out every couple of minutes, look at it until she began to mutter “ow, ow ow” and place it back into the cup.

I got distracted, probably swapping cooked cookie pans from the oven for raw ones, so I wasn’t looking at her when she exclaimed,

“Don’t eat it!!!”

I froze. “Don’t eat what???”

“My finger. It might look like a raisin, but you CANNOT eat it.”


Once upon a time… November 21, 2006

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…there was a fair maiden who became afflicted with a dreaded affliction. This afflcition fell upon the fair maiden anytime she failed in her mission to avoid infectious contact with the wee princess in her charge.

Following a long stretch wherein the maiden avoided the affliction, she grew careless in her efforts at preventing it from taking hold, and soon found herself inadvertently drinking from the wee one’s water cup. And so it began…

The fair maiden found herself the next day with an inexplicably persistent headache. It was unresponsive to medications for such things, and she pondered the origins of the little beast.

Upon awakening the following morning, the veil of confusion was lifted. Yea, with her throat a great deal swollen, and her nose as if a field of cotton had blossomed within overnight, things became quite clear.

The dreaded Daycare Plague was indeed upon her! Woeful was the fair maiden; she’d been down this path before. As long as she avoided eating or drinking after the wee princess, she could be fairly safe, but in sharing a drink with the wee one, she had brought the plight upon herself. Her only course of action was to ply herself with Zicam (the new nectar of the gods) and wish for an early death.

Or, an early bedtime. Which was won by bribing the wee angel with a bedtime movie.

ESP November 19, 2006

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When I decided to post about the skunk for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, I thought about digging him out and staging something really cute, with the step-kid and/or the cats, and/or the hubs, or just with the skunk itself. But laziness won (not to mention the trillion things we were running around doing at the end of last week preparing for keeping Olivia for all of Thanksgiving week, and since picking her up yesterday morning), and I just pulled up the best picture I had of the skunk; it was from the first place we lived, an old rundown trailer house.

The only thing it had going for it was that it was easily 200-300 sq feet larger than the apt. we have now. But, you know, I think the trade off for losing the scorpions, the holes in the floor from the 400 lb man that lived there before us, and keeping warm in the winter by using my hair dryer as our sole source of heat, was worth it. But it means we have alot of stuff still in boxes that we just plain don’t have room to unpack (even though we’ve been here for 2 years). The skunk was a victim of this; he hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved.

Apparently, this morning Olivia was climbing around the corner of our bedroom where most of these boxes are stacked, and she caught a glimpse of the skunk. She came to me and said, “Can I play with your teddy bear?”

That question isn’t unusual around here, but it also is about as generic as they come. We have a pretty good sized menagerie, a good bit of which is out of her reach (stuffed animals with sentimental value – from our childhood, or courtship). “Which one?”

“The red one,” she says. “Where is it?” “In that box!” she says with a flourish.

Now I know what she’s talking about! “Oh! That’s not a teddy bear, it’s a skunk!” Her eyes get wide, “a skunk? Can I play with it?”

“Um…. it’s bigger than you are, kiddo…”

“Can I please play with your big red skunk, please?” How can I resist? She’s helping me with a photo op.

As I get into the box, I see the cats have been here – there are shredded cardboard bits from the sides and top of the box stuck to the skunk’s fur. I pull him out, and as I’m picking pieces of paper off of him meerkat-style, I ask her if she knows what Valentine’s Day is (“Yes! It’s for giving presents to my mommy and my grandma and my aunt and my teacher!”) I tell her about how I gave it to her Daddy because I love him so very much. She’s grinning and hopping with excitement.

She spots the heart on his tail and asks what it says, and then without waiting for an answer she tells me, “it says ‘Love Skunk.'” I stifle a giggle and tell her it actually says “You’re Sweet.” She nods like that was obvious – “Yep. ‘You’re a sweet Love Skunk.'”

Finally, the thing is confetti free and I hand it over. She goes running um, lumbering from the room with it yelling “Daddy! I have your skunk!!” He didn’t know what we were up to, so that was a nicely surprising sight for him to see.





Thwarted. November 2, 2006

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Well, no visit from my DSD (dear step daughter… pardon me, I spend too much time on message boards) this weekend. The transportation situation didn’t work itself out (they live about a 2:15 drive from us… we usually meet up at a gas station in the city halfway between here and there). So we postponed until next weekend or the weekend after.

We may instead pitch the idea of waiting until the weekend after, but keeping her for Thanksgiving week. Up until now, she’s always stayed with her mom’s family for Turkey day, because at DH’s (um, I mean Harry’s) old job it was mandatory to work on Thanksgiving (boo!!). The new job told him when he signed on that they, too, work most holidays; but, he’s had off July 4th and Labor Day so far… surely they wouldn’t make them work on Thanksgiving! Oh, I hope not… It really may be a supply/demand kind of thing. They’ve had quite an increase in orders over the past month or two, so… maybe they had off the summer holidays because business was slow, in which case Thanksgiving is probably doomed.

*le sigh* A girl can hope… I haven’t had Thanksgiving dinner with my husband since we got married! (Not on Thanksgiving, I mean.) It would be really nice to have a whole little family Thanksgiving dinner, all together, ON the day. Who says you can’t have all your eggs in one basket? 😉

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I almost forgot! It’s Thursday! I was thinking all week about what to do for my first Thursday 13. And um, I never came up with anything good. But I still feel like typing, and participating, so I’ll go with the thing on my mind right now… games. I’m watching Harry play some kind of golf tournament on Hot Shots Golf 3 (PS2) right now, so I’ll make a T13 out of games I like to play (not just video games, either!).

Thirteen Things about JEN’S FAVORITE GAMES

Hot Shots Golf 3

(The good old fashioned kind.)

(My father-in-law taught me this one just recently!)

Jungle Gin
(Gin Rummy on Pogo.com)

Monopoly Party

The Sims
(PC; What I wouldn’t give for The Sims 2…)

(The good old fashioned kind.)

Katamari Damacy

(Cell phone.)


Super Mario Brothers 3
(Orignal NES! Oh yeah, baby! [Yes, I still have one!!])

Burnout Revenge
(PS2; We stay up all night playing this with the
in-laws when we visit!)

Logic puzzles
(The cross grid kind… I’m amazed that Internet versions
exist, but you can’t beat paper and pencil.)


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